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Like many of us, Jason started on a tricycle. By the age of seven, however, Jason was already pulling the filter off of his lawn-mower powered mini-bike using a less restrictive gauze material to increase the air intake (he cut the material out of some panty hose he 'borrowed' from a nearby department store). In his youth, he rode Moto-x on his first real bike, a Kawasaki KX80 and did wheelies for onlooking girls sitting in the school bus on their way home. After all, it would only make sense that he rode his dirt bike to school. Before too long he was flying across the Bonneville Salt Flats and El Mirage Dry Lake, road racing at Barber and Little Talladega and taking Flat Track lessons from Roland Sands at Perris.

Never slowing down, he continued his involvement with motorcycles by co-founding Dime City Cycles. "DCC", as it is known, has as its mission - the desire to help custom motorcycle culture grow, and in the process of doing so to become a beacon of inspiration for the next generation of motorcyclists. It began simply enough, with the idea of supplying cafe racer parts. Ultimately, DCC (with others) became the spark and fuel for a rejuvenated interest in motorcycles and the culture which is so strongly attached to it.

Suddenly, Jason was hearing from old men trying to relive their glory days, young guns hoping to build their first ton-up racer, and industry executives who realized that something truly special was taking place...People were once again falling in love with the simplicity, freedom and individuality that motorcycling can offer. In fact, this interest has become a full-blown TV show on Velocity. CaféRacer TV, DCC and other industry influencers helped give birth to a custom motorcycle culture that does not require a six figure salary...merely a little imagination.

Jason considers himself more than fortunate to be referred to by peers as one of the "leading lights" in the industry. Moreover, serving as a test rider and brand ambassador, he often shares company with the likes of David Borras of El Solitario, Bob Kay of the MIC and AIMExpo, Thor of SeeSee Motorcycles, Paul D'Orleans of The Vintagent, Michael Lichter renowned photographer, Dutch of The Bike Shed, Mark Wilsmore of Ace Cafe London, Brett Houle Co-founder and Publisher of Iron and Air MagazineRoland Sands and small group of others.

Favorite riding Partner

Whoever wants to ride and have fun!

favorite bike

The one that I'm on.

favorite riding memory

The first big-air I got on my KX80 as a kid.


“My teeth chatter, my bones ache, my soul shakes and my heart only stops for one thing, motorcycles."


Having scaled back his involvement with Dime City Cycles, Jason has launched his latest endeavor, Standard Motorcycle Co. Part custom motorcycle shop, part co-op garage, part educational facility, SMC is taking a different approach to the custom co-op.

As Florida's first membership based co-op garage, local enthusiasts can wrench in a unique and inspiring setting with like-minded people leaning on the expertise of Jason and other industry colleagues. Small group educational classes led by Jason and his team, as well as industry professionals from all over will allow members access to people, skills and a fully equipped garage they might not otherwise ever be able to experience.

“Where can someone interested in motorcycles go, cut their frame in half, weld it back together with professional assistance, get suspension tuning advice from industry racing veterans and get an education on things like helmet safety? Nowhere, until now.” – JPM

The SMC Co-op is complete with lifts, tools, specialty items and a fully stocked custom parts center. What makes the Standard Motorcycle Co. garage unique, however, is the indoor / outdoor entertaining and lounge areas where there will be movie and game nights, a lounge with free WiFI, a Barista's self-service coffee bar dream, as well as tons of USB power ports and seating for plenty of people. It is a collaborative space where ideas can be born unencumbered.

In addition to all this Jason also holds the position as Technical Editor & Builder for Iron & Air Magazine, he consults for OEM's, product and lifestyle brands, chairs a junior panel with the MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council), is a TV personality most recently seen on RIDE with Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead,) as well as organizes and hosts various motorcycle events around the globe.



Jason will ride anything with two wheels (some things without) and tell people all about it, He's been known to wax a word or two that carry some weight and once or twice, has been told he can build a half-decent custom motorcycle.

brand ambassador & consultant

If he believe's in something, people will know about it. He's consulted for various brands on everything from how to reach the new generation motorcyclist to what layout and images are best suited for going to market in their next campaign.


He's shot for brands ranging from Triumph to Harley Davidson to Roland Sands and dozens in between, has been involved off-screen in motorsports programming for several years AND has shown his mug on the screen here and there too. Most recently, as Norman Reedus' co-host in his soon to be released AMC TV show, RIDE.


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