I got a call from my buddy Blake in Miami recently. I could hardly make it out, but after seeing his video appear on World Star, I knew my suspicions were right. He was up to no good...and was wondering where the hell I was at!

He was wakeboarding around their facility behind a Custom Chevy Duramax 2500 he recently built for a client through his company Exotic Car Trader. This is Blake...

Despite my missing the shenanigans in the rain, I did get to spend the day riding one of my custom bikes driving a Lamborghini Aventador around South Florida at break neck speeds.

Which didn't suck...

Long story short, Blake has an eye for automobiles and I the same for motorcycles. (Or at least I'd like to think so...) And we thought we should get together, have some fun, build some cars (and bikes) and share the story with you.

This isn't some bullshit PR stunt to get rich people who like fancy cars to get into bikes. Blake has a serious interest for motorcycles. So much interest, that he accompanied me to Confederate Motorcycles a few days later for a behind the scenes learn more about how one of the greatest engineering feats of motorcycle design came to fruition.

Talks of building bikes, riding them and similarities that exist between custom cars and bikes could be heard as we crashed every bar in Birmingham.

Needless to say, Blake is hooked. Expect some cool stuff coming down the line from us as a team. At the very least, we'll provide you with some laughs...


Here's a little intro piece we shot, ENJOY!

*No beards, exotic cars or pelicans we're harmed in the filming of this video.