It's no secret that Flat track racing is making a huge comeback. With the Roland Sands Design Super Hooligan Series combined with momentum from Indian Motorcycles and their "Wrecking Crew" led by Jared Mees, dominating the American Flat Track Series, we're seeing an increase in both attendance and viewership at the dirt track.

Earlier this year Jason had the opportunity to build one of the first official Harley Hooligan bikes for one of the official Harley Hooligan racers, Leticia Cline. Essentially, all that's left of the stock bike is the engine and neck of the frame. And it's a real ripper!

Roland Sands caught up with Jason and did a little interview. It get's kinda weird, but weird is good, right?

Check out the interview HERE.


Be sure to tune to Fanschoice.TV for the latest in American Flat Track Racing and keep your eye on the web for the RSD Super Hooligan series. You'll want to get prepared before you know it, it'll be making a cloud of dust in a town near you!