When it comes to music, I can honestly say I didn't use to have a leg to stand on when I talked about it. And while there's a story to be told about my introduction to what I call "really hearing the music, " that's one for another time.

What I will say is this. I love Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. You know what I love more though?

When Black Rebel Motorcycle Club comes to Orlando.

I'd never had the chance to see BRMC in concert and I always said it would be one of the Shows I Go To. And to be honest, it wasn't until friends Jorma Vik and Jesse Hughes of Eagles of Death Metal introduced me to what I would consider "iconoclastic rock n roll" that I would even have the frame of reference to properly gauge their performance.

Fortunately for me, I had two great teachers on the subject and BRMC doesn't suck.

Heres some shots from their Orlando '18 show. With any luck, maybe we'll get them at a smaller venue and on some bikes next time..