When it comes to bad-ass (literally, guns blazing, tires sliding) marketing, no one in the industry does it like ICON. And you got to give it to them. Sure, it’s made up, but that’s the point. It reaches beyond the doldrums of daily life and lets our minds wander somewhere else and have a shit-ton of fun, which is what motorcycling is all about, right?

What’s interesting, though, is that unlike a lot of brands in both motorcycling and other segments that try to touch on the, I’ll call it, bad-assery factor, who might do it from a visual perspective in marketing, it doesn’t translate to the final product.

UglyBROS "TON-UP" Jeans

Unlike my friend, Chris Nelson (@oilandbones), I like to wear pants. They keep your legs warm. They offer visual appeal much greater than white, hairy legs, and if produced properly from the right materials, even offer protection for when you’re riding a motorcycle. So as much as Chris would probably like this BLOG post to be about him and his adventures not wearing any pants, it’s about me and my ongoing quest to find the great jeans that can be worn both on and off a motorcycle with little compromise.


Given the fact that I spend the majority of my time ri­ding in the South, I’ve been relentlessly on the hunt for a leather jacket that offered a trifecta of style, safety, and comfort. I have some awesome leather jackets, some of which are even touted as “lightweight” or “summer”, but the reality is that I haven’t been able to find anything that didn’t leave me sweating bullets at every stop light I hit. It also started to make things difficult with Leticia, because whenever I took a ride, I was sweating profusely, looking like I’d done something wrong. “I swear! I was just out for a ride. Nothing happened!”